About This Blog

In 2015, I went through a life changing experience!

It is difficult to explain what I was feeling at this time.  My symptoms were unlike anything I had ever experienced in my life.  The most frustrating of all was that no one could explain what was happening to me or why.  Every medical test (and there were a lot of them) came back normal. Over time it became clear to the doctors that I simply had a case of conversion disorder.

Conversion Disorder – a mental condition in which a person has blindness, paralysis, or other nervous system (neurological) symptoms that cannot be explained by medical evaluation.
(Nov 18, 2016 – https://medineplus.gov)

Symptoms of conversion disorder usually begin suddenly after a stressful experience.  This would make sense for people who witness traumatic experiences or are under a huge amount of stress. I was not convinced this was the case. 

My husband and I compiled a detailed account of my early symptoms by piecing together several text messages, emails, and conversations.  I also began a diary of my emotions, symptoms, test, and anything else I thought was relevant in hopes it would provide more answers that medical tests couldn’t find. Over time this diary became a 72 page medical journal.

To this day, not even the most educated doctors have been able to medically explain my symptoms. It was my children’s principal who recommended that I start a blog to share my experiences.

My intentions for this blog are simply to share my experiences in hopes that it will help others.